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NFC is all around us!


make your world NFC

NFC has countless uses both from a business point of view and also to make your life more stress free around the home. By encoding a sticker/tag for example, you can have the power of the latest technology at your fingertips in your day to day life from morning until bedtime.

Have a look at a typical day in the life of our NFC Genie to see how NFC could help make your daily routine easier:

7.00am   Genie gets up and taps the mobile phone against the NFC Products sticker in the bedroom which turns the mobile device from silent to active.

7.30am   Genie taps another NFC enabled sticker in the kitchen to link to social networking sites.

8.30am   Genie uses an NFC enabled phone to gain entry to the office building and swipes the office NFC sticker to gain access to work Wi-Fi.

12.30pm   Genie takes lunch at the local sandwich shop. Genie pays for the sandwich using one of the credit cards stored on the NFC enabled mobile phone. The sandwich shop has an offer on a Smart poster, Genie taps the sticker on the Smart poster with the mobile phone. The offer is transmitted to the phone which entitles Genie to a free coffee on the next visit.

1.20pm  On the way back to the office Genie sees poster for a free concert that evening. Genie touches the NFC enabled phone to the NFC sticker on the smart poster which transfers the details of the concert to the phone. Genie also makes reservations at a restaurant for that evening.

7.30pm   Arriving at the concert Genie touches the NFC enabled phone to the turnstile, tickets are issued and Genie is admitted, no need to wait in the line.

9.00pm   After the concert, Genie visits the restaurant booked earlier that day. Again the mobile device is used to confirm the booking. Genie notices the meal deal offer on an NFC enabled sticker on the menu giving 25% off today. The meal is paid for using the mobile device which also gives Genie the 25% off.

10.15pm  Genie leaves the restaurant to go home. Once home Genie swipes the NFC enabled device against an NFC sticker and is again connected to home Wi-Fi.

11.00pm   Genie relaxes and goes to bed. With the swipe of an NFC sticker, Genie’s phone is turned to silent and is fast asleep! The end of a wonderfully easy day thanks to NFC!

To showcase the products available have a look at our NFC Genie, Guru and Pro starter packs which are full of great ideas to get your project off the ground running or simply make your day that little more stress free!

CUSTOMER NOTICE - We are currently only taking orders via e-mail please contact info@nfcproducts.co.uk to place your order. Thank you.

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